Trans e Vision

"Life is a process... Every process has its moments"

Some infos about the project

Grundtvig Learning Partnership: TRANS-E-VISION 2011-2013

“TRANS-E-VISION” is a learning partnership (LP) that brings together adult education providers from DE, ES and IT. It focuses on the companionship of elderly and dying people with music as support and complement to the professional caring staff by volunteers to allow dignified ageing and dying.
Music offers the great possibility to serve as special level of encounter if language hits the walls.

December 2011  |


The Demography Report of the EU Commission shows the major increase of the group of senior citizens in the European Union impressively. Up to date, older people are the main users of long-term care, and their demand for such services can be expected to grow significantly over the coming decades.


This topic is especially near for senior citizens or seriously ill persons.